ideal customer

Michael O'Connor

Age: 38

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Education: Master's degree in Business Administration

Family Status: Married with two children

Ideal Customer

Job Role and Responsibilities:

CEO of a mid-sized B2B company in technology or manufacturing
Oversees company strategy and growth
Directly involved in marketing decisions
Works closely with sales and marketing teams.

Job Challenges:

  • Needs to keep up with rapid market changes and technological advancements
  • Struggles to maintain a steady pipeline of qualified leads
  • Balancing short-term sales goals with long-term branding strategies

Goals and Motivations:

  • Increase company revenue and market share
  • Establish a strong online presence and brand reputation
  • Streamline and enhance the efficiency of marketing efforts

Industry-Specific Needs and Challenges:

  • Effective use of LinkedIn for B2B networking and lead generation
  • Navigating the complexities of digital marketing in a specialized industry
  • Creating content that resonates with a professional audience

Information Sources:

  • Business and marketing publications
  • LinkedIn thought leaders and industry groups
  • Conferences and networking events

Pain Points:

  • Difficulty in finding a variety of radiator styles in one place, balancing client budgets with quality, and meeting project deadlines.
  • Limited time and resources to dedicate to in-depth digital marketing strategies
  • Difficulty in measuring ROI of digital marketing efforts
  • Challenges in staying ahead of digital trends and implementing best practices

Decision-Making Criteria:

  • Product range and uniqueness, cost-effectiveness, aesthetic appeal, durability, and supplier reliability.