30 Phone Calls Every Month

From Your Google Property

Even during a pandemic and without paying an agency.

It is time to start fighting back.  Amazon has been putting it’s hand in your back pocket, during this pandemic, and taking profits that are rightfully yours!  Why are you locked down while they thrive.  Let’s start fighting back by getting your Google Property right.

Improving your local Google presence is the number one thing to get more. business from digital.  You may think that is is more urgent to post on social media. Yes, we all scroll through Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok now. It is good to be there and the adverts on those platforms can be useful, if you have a good marketing plan and funnel. The problem with social media though, is that people are usually not there to buy, they are there to socialize.

The difference with Google is that people are actually searching for you and your products, these people are in buying mode. Don’t forget, when customers are wondering if you are still open or what your opening hours are, or if there are specific restrictions because of COVID, they will look you up online first. If the right information is not there, they will just go somewhere else. That is the last thing you need right now!


Keywords for Google My Business

You need to be where you need to be in google. You wanna make sure that they can find you that is why google my business is so important. Keywords for google my business is so important.


What would you do if customer feels they've been ripped off?

Local Business Needs Google My Business

Recently many people realize that it is better that product is local. Than wait for 6 months for the products to arrive.

Google My Business Ranking Factors

If someone search for you in google do your business come up?
With local SEO it is more effective than actual SEO because sometimes half of the google result in you.

The Hidden Reason you are not Getting Calls

The Hidden Reason you are not Getting Call
When someone looking for your services or products, maybe they find your competitor and that is a big problem.

Citations for Google My Business | Irish Web Solutions

They will search online just to find you, and they will find you through google my business. The most important thing in google my business is CITATIONS.

Facebook for Small Business

8 out of 10 individuals have an account on Facebook. Facebook has become an integral part of our social life, especially during the pandemic. Take this opportunity to earn in this free and easy to use platform for small businesses like yours. 

Google My Business

Covid has definitely put a lot of ventures out of businesses. But the thing is, NOT all. Some managed to survive after all. But, how to let your customers know that you are up and running? Answer-Google My Business. You will be one click away to your loyal customers after all. 

Domino's Pizza Website Strategy

Get to know why this Domino Pizza's Sales Page is reaping profits continuously on a daily basis! This online business also captures leads in every single transaction. Is it possible? Yes, it is. 


Active Collab Walkthrough - How do I use it

This tool has been my best friend all throughout the years. It has proven its usefulness every single time. Get to know this powerful app-And why I prefer it over the other project management tools. 


I bought a bitcoin in Ireland

I am one of the first few people in Ireland to buy bitcoin several years ago. I sold it without making money on it and Bitcoin up thousands of times the price I bought it for. Were there any regrets?