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Web Design

We have a focus on lead generation websites. Lots of landing pages, great copy and exciting look, lets get you setup and your phone ringing.

Digital Marketing

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Social Media

We offer social media services to help businesses expand their audience reach and keep an updated online presence.

About the company

Irish Web Solutions offers social media services to help businesses expand their audience reach and keep an updated online presence. As a busy entrepreneur, you can spend your time on more valuable tasks.

Features of Service,

  • Social Media Advertising Management.
  • Tailor your brand and create your social media image.
  • Relevant and daily post of fresh content.
  • Customer service support to answer all your needs.
  • Unique content to keep your follower's attention.
  • Cross promotion to each platform in order to build your brand.
  • We do Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram add-ons to boost social media presence.

Recent Projects

All Office Equipment

Skin Deep

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Val Tevlin Design


  • I am writing to express my appreciation for your all of your work in the past few weeks in setting up my web site.
    I am particularly grateful for your personal attention and your professional and thorough approach.

    Val Tevlin Design
  • Irish Web Solutions worked with us on our own website and provide ongoing support as well as managing or server and
    email. We have been working with Irish Web Solutions since 2003.

    Burke Joinery Ltd
  • I was introduced to Alan some time ago and was informed by a good source that Alan is an extremely talented man.

    Over the course of a year or so Alan and I have discussed several ideas. I am establishing the number 1 mentoring organisation in Ireland.

    Alan contacted me and asked could he help me and I accepted. Alan has provided us with a platform to showcase our work and I cannot thank him enough.

    Alan is kind, sincere, and passionate about his work and helping others.

    Would I recommend Alan? Hell yeah

    Mark McCormack
  • “Alan is extremely friendly, helpful & easy to work with.”

    Skin Deep

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