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Getting Website Security Done

Hey, how are we doing this out here And I want to talk quickly about website security. It's overlooked. It's just overlooked security and viruses. And to HSE has had the issue where they suddenly realized that the security was lacking. Now, I don't know what happened with that hack. There was a hack and say, Hey, Jesse, but has been hacking so many people, so many, so many people have been hacked and they suddenly realized, Hey, we should have done something better security. And there's no point what has this done What's this done There's absolutely no point. What are you gonna do when it's done It's done. So it's something and it's never going to be urgent. It's never going to be origins to get your website security, right. To Getty far as checking rice, to make sure you're GDPR compliant that your people can hack in and take.

People's email addresses out of your system. It's really important. It's really, really, really important. And it's never going to be origins because there's going to be, you look at your to-do list. There's going to be 20 things that are more urgent, and this is never going to be origins until you actually get hacked. And they're going to be like, well, we just really should've dealt with that. That should've been dealt with before we got hacked. And there's no perfect security. There's no such thing as perfect security. You can take a bedroom home. You'd get locks on your home. You can lock up all the windows and doors. Before you go to bed, you can get a good alarm system. You can get cameras. It's still a perfect security. You're never going to have perfect security. There's also Tang, but you don't need perfect security. You need to take the common actions that everybody takes for security.

So make sure your back doors are locked before you fall asleep. If you're going to win holidays, make sure your house is locked up and you don't post to Facebook. Hey, we're going to the holiday. They'll put post up on Facebook. We've got a holiday. They'll post all your holiday pictures until you come back, maybe, and they'll post your address. You know, you don't, you're gonna take your keys and put these keys. Or from this address to keys, it's just, you take the normal security steps that should be taken. And that's what you have to do. That's what you have to do. A website security, got to make sure that the normal systems security systems are in place and there's never any perfect security. A lot of hacks come from a tech internal and you just can't have perfect security ever. You kind of perfect security on your home.

Security For Your Business

Kind of perfect security in your business. You kind of perfect security in your car and you cannot have perfect security in your website, but too many websites. I, the front of the back doors have been left open all the time. The windows are left, open. The people are going away on holiday and leave the website doors open and posted on Facebook that they've got to wait to holiday holidays for two weeks. So it's always useful. It's just a good tend to make sure that your website security is, has taken that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 actions that should be taken to make sure the website is secure. Make sure your data is secure. You won't be normal hacking and take people's details out. And you know, your website is safe and you know, your customer's details of passwords are safe to be an Allen here. Just want to take you through the importance of website security.

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